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Your teeth may be crooked or your front tooth may be protruding. Invisalign will help straighten out the teeth and improve your smile. How does Invisalign in Ottawa Ontario work, you may ask? After an examination by our orthodontic staff, we will take an exact impression of your teeth. We fill impression trays with a special impression material before placing the tray over your teeth. Once the impression is set, we carefully remove the tray from your mouth. Your first appointment is now complete, and we will send your dental records and impressions to invisalign. They use the impressions to build a digital, 3D, model of your teeth. Using the treatment plan designed by our invisalign Ottawa experts, invisalign’s software plans how each tooth will move to its desired location from its current position, helping you visualize how your teeth will look after your treatment is complete. After your 3D treatment plan is approved by both you and one of our Ottawa invisalign practitioners, a series of almost invisible aligners are tailor made for you. Your aligners will follow the different stages of your specific treatment plan. The aligners will slide over your teeth, fitting comfortably but snugly. Not only are the aligners almost invisible, but they are also comfortable and can easily be removed for cleaning, eating, and drinking. Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks after which you transitioning on to your next set. Every aligner will move your teeth stage by stage, little by little, until you have achieved a healthy, straight, smile.

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