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Straight and even teeth create a beautiful smile. Orthodontists are vital to overall health because they help people both look and feel better about themselves. Our orthodontist Edmonton staff is made up of dentists who specialize in making your teeth fit together better. We carefully study every patient’s jaw and mouth, often using x-rays to fully understand the situation. After we have diagnosed the problem, our orthodontist will makes appliances like retainers or braces to help straighten out your teeth. Our orthodontics Edmonton practice is made up of highly trained and skilled medical professionals, most of whom have spent eight years in dental school and college. During these years of training, they’re educated in how to give shots, prescribe medication, and perform oral surgery. Our orthodontist professionals have excellent vision and hand coordination, because the work space is often no larger than a child’s tooth. Many children and adults find visiting a dentist somewhat stressful, so we ensure our orthodontist staff is reassuring, friendly, and professional. Our orthodontics in Alberta enjoy their jobs and are proud of what they do, so they provide high quality work to every patient. We at Tailored Orthodontics are dedicated to creating a steady stream of happy, healthy, smiles.


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