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Everybody knows that straighter teeth will make your smile more beautiful, but did you know that straightening your teeth can also positively affect your health? Our invisalign professionals in Edmonton Alberta can improve your health. Misaligned or crooked teeth, medically known as malocclusion, affects over seventy-three percent of adults in America. If left untreated, crooked teeth can cause periodontal disease while also placing higher than normal stress on and jaws, which will lead to premature wear. The effect crooked teeth have on your smile often get worse over time, and may affect your overall health adversely. Some common types of misalignment are: crowding, open bite, deep bite, edge to edge bite, excessive overjet, crossed bight, and spacing, all of which Edmonton invisalign can fix. A crooked tooth may also affect your bite, which leads to premature wear from the unnatural stress and pressure generated. Notches at the gum line and chipping can develop on a tooth subject to an excessive amount of pressure. Over a period of time, excessive force will also cause worn down or flattened teeth, and fractures or chipping at the edges of teeth. Additionally, a bad bite can create improper forces against the jaw joint, leading to an irritated and painful jaw, headaches, and even earaches.

Premature wear may lead to recession of the gums, loss of bone support at the root of the tooth, loose teeth, and finally, tooth loss. Teeth that correctly fit together are less likely to require expensive dentistry, because they will last longer. As it’s often difficult for our Edmonton dentists or orthodontist to clean plaque and bacteria out of the crowded areas, crooked teeth may affect your periodontal health. Bacteria, when not removed properly, multiplies and triggers periodontal disease, which starts as inflammation of the gums, bleeding while brushing and flossing, and redness. Gum inflammation progresses to chronic infection, receding gums, soft tissue damage, bone loss, periodontal pockets, and finally, tooth loss if it is left untreated. This disease can often lead towards painful maintenance and repair in the future, which, in Alberta, could very well add up to thousands of dollars in fees and hundreds of hours wasted sitting in a dentist’s chair. Issues in the oral cavity need to be fixed in their early stages, and invisalign is a great way to fix the problems. Untreated, crooked teeth may trap bacteria which invade blood vessels and damage gum tissue cells. This may cause damage to the cells lining your coronary arteries, increasing the risk of experiencing a stroke, heart disease, or other illness. Positioning your teeth for optimum function and alignment helps prevent dental problems in the future, and also makes a large difference toward your oral health and keeping your teeth for your entire life. Ask us about invisalign Edmonton, a series of custom made, clear aligners proven to gradually align and move your teeth, get started on the road towards a healthier you, today.

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