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Here are some points about the process of getting braces with an orthodontist Calgary.

1. No needles are used, and it is not a painful experience.

2. First we place cheek retractors in your mouth to help keep your teeth dry and to make them easily accessible, allowing us to do the job right the first time.

3. Putting your braces on is often a tedious and time consuming procedure, and patience is needed. However, our Calgary orthodontist staff do a great job of keeping things light and fun for the patient.

4. The work must be carefully done to insure your orthodontic treatment leads to exceptional results.

5. Precise bracket placement is a very important aspect of achieving perfect orthodontic alignment, because every bracket needs to be placed in its exact position on the tooth. Our orthodontists work hard to put your braces on perfectly.

6. A special primer is placed on each tooth before being washed off, leaving a slight residue behind on your teeth. After this is complete, we apply a second resin that will help hold the brackets in place. This helps the brackets to adhere to the teeth in the best possible manner.

7. After all the brackets are in place, a wire will be inserted to connect the brackets to one another. This wire will help pull misaligned teeth into their proper position.

8. When the brackets and wire are placed in the best possible positions, your teeth will straighten out much faster than they would with suboptimal placement. Our staff of orthodontists in Calgary is highly trained to ensure you get results as quickly as possible.

9. The duration of your treatments is usually much shorter when bracket placement is done properly from day one, which is why you need orthodontist Calgary providers who are patient and dedicated to ensuring your bracket placement is done correctly.

10. Putting your braces on is a straightforward and simple process for our skilled orthodontists, although it does take some time.

We at Tailored Orthodontics are dedicated to providing you with tailored orthodontic solutions.

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